ARTS, 1960

By Sidney Tillim

Joop Sanders: After three and a half years abroad, one in Spain and two in his native Holland, Sanders has returned relatively free of his dependency on De Kooning that was so marked in his work before 1955. But his more personal style reveals for all its visceral formations a fairly restricted range of color and form. A sprawling, glandular white shape is freely countered by a complementary in green. These are easily followed through a number of improvisations, possibly because they are painted rather conventionally, so that the likelihood of fortuitous accidents is reduced. Only when he repairs to the action repertoire, threading a sluggish blue line among sliding chunks of white (Waterways), does true variety appear. Sanders will have a one-man show at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam next March.


(Stuttman, Jan. 9-Feb. 5.)—S.T.