Joop Sanders, Variables

In 1967-1968, Sanders produced a new series titled, “Painting in Variable Sets”. This work was exhibited in 1968 at Bertha Schaefer Gallery. The paintings, in various shapes and sizes, could connect with each other in numerous combinations or arrangements, hang as individual works, or even stack in sculptural form. One grouping was all white, another set, red and blue, and the main series was painted in blue and yellow. The first 9 images below were shot in 1968. They were arranged by Sanders, in his studio, to demonstrate just some of the numerous presentation options.

Later in 1968, at the Collector’s Press in San Francisco, Sanders created a limited edition lithograph in fourteen parts, based on the variables concept of the painting exhibition. The print edition would also allow for variable arrangement combinations. For the print edition, Sanders added green to the blue and yellow concept.

The “Variables” print edition was a production of 140 sets, with fourteen works of art in each set. There were three artist proof sets. Sanders prepared sketches (see below) presenting numerous possible layouts for the print work and then worked with the press to execute the stone plates for the edition.