ART NEWS, 1960

by Landis Lewitin

Joop Sanders [Stuttman; Jan. 8-Feb. 6], who came to this country from the Netherlands twenty years ago, will have a one-man exhibition at the Stedelijke Museum, Amsterdam, just after this show. Working in and out of the Abstract-Expressionist tendency, his work shows a fervor for the sensuousness of paint and an elastic form that opens, doubles back, contracts and rests limpid, carrying in its involvements a sense of nature remembered. In Spring, one of the most memorable and evocative, forms move with a sense of upheaval. White, the dominating color, falls and flows with a gentle cascading motion, changing its density from passages of cool transluscence, through which a dark underpaint glimmers, to rests of greater opacity. Yellow greens, blues and bright yellows catch and halt momentarily the fall in a pattern like that of a slow waterfall. Its cadences are natural without being specific. Several smaller paintings repeat the theme with variations while others, such as Persian, have more coalesced forms and more brilliant color. These are paintings within a mode, handsomely made to conform to a personality and the rhythms of reality. $175-$2,000.

Joop Sanders’ Spring:

“a sense of nature remembered”